What to put in an advent calendar? 25 surprising ideas!

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Making an advent calendar is fun, it pleases the people you love and it’s a really good idea ! But the hardest part is to find what to put in it without breaking the bank… Here is a complete list of gift ideas to put in an advent calendar for men or women!

Gourmet Gifts for Advent Calendar
An advent calendar allows you to be a little gourmand, so don’t hesitate to put some sweets in it!

1. A heart-shaped tea bag

This heart-shaped tea bag is easy to make. It’s up to you to decide what to put inside!

heart shaped tea bag

2. Make-your-own treats

Make your own treats to surprise her/him. Or slip in some store-bought candy, it’s always nice!

3. Chocolates

Whether made with love or chosen with care, a few chocolates will melt her little heart.

4. A good bottle of wine (corkscrew)

If your advent calendar is too small to fit a bottle of wine, put a corkscrew in it with a note saying that a chilled bottle is waiting for her tonight…

5. A “little gourmet” kit

You can put in your advent calendar some popcorn kernels, a mix of dried fruits, the ingredients for a delicious hot chocolate or for cookies… There is no lack of ideas!

Little Surprises to put in your Calendar

All her gifts are homemade! This way, you show him/her how much he/she means to you!

6. A heart keychain

This little felt keychain is a pleasant surprise to receive, but also to make!

heart keychain to make yourself

7. Mini origami hearts and stars

A few little paper hearts will show her how much you love her.

8. A purse

Why not give her a little pouch to put her change in? The macaroon wallet is super cute!

9. An amigurumi

If you’re good at crocheting, make her a little pet amigurumi.

10. A mini dream catcher

Dream catchers have become a must-have. Make a small one that she/he can hang in her/his car.

Beauty Gifts for Men and Women

The winter cold is already here, so don’t forget to pamper your loved ones with some beauty treatments!

11. Beard oil or hair care

Put some castor oil (beard oil) or your own hair care product in a small glass bottle!

12. An easy to make jewelry

Make her a pretty bracelet to keep her thinking of you throughout the day.

What to put in your advent calendar

13. Bath accessories

A few bath accessories will (finally) help her relax.

14. A lip balm

The lip balm is really a nice surprise for this winter!

15. An express facial

Just like the beard oil, the toner comes in a little glass bottle.

Small Attentions just for her/him

In the form of “vouchers” or tickets, offer her some little attentions specially designed for her/ him!

16. Movie/museum/concert tickets

Include in your advent calendar 2 tickets for the concert he/she has been waiting for for months or movie tickets to enjoy a romantic moment.

17. A poem or words of love

You can even create a special advent calendar with love notes!

what to put in advent calendar

18. The recipe for his favorite food

By reading the recipe of his favorite dish, he will quickly understand that you are going to make him a nice little meal. You can also put the address of the restaurant where you invite him the same evening.

19. An invitation to go skating

Enjoy the skating rink with him, it’s in season after all!

20. Homemade scratch-off tickets (or not)

Whether homemade or store-bought, scratch-off tickets are always a good idea!

Naughty surprises to share as a couple

If your advent calendar is for the one you love, these are some ideas that will make him or her fall in love with you!

21. A naughty playlist

On a USB key, make a naughty playlist for a tender moment of sharing.

22. A game of dice

The love dice will make you live an unforgettable evening.

23. Massage oil

A little massage oil and more if affinity of course…

24. Underwear

If you have the soul of a real dressmaker, make her one or two small panties. If not, go and buy her a nice pair of underpants full of little hearts!

25. Scented candles

Offer her some scented candles to start a romantic evening!


Hopefully these few ideas were able to inspire you… Happy Holidays 🙂

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