The Role of Mirrors in Home Decor

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Styling Your Home with Mirrors: Adding Function and Beauty to Your Design

Interior design is an endlessly creative pursuit. Every homeowner has the opportunity to make their home unique with just a few simple, sophisticated touches. Mirrors are an underestimated interior design tool that add both functionality and beauty to a home. Whether you’re an interior design novice or a seasoned professional, the following tips will help you to create gorgeous interiors with the addition of stylish mirrors.

Brighten with Light Reflection

Probably the most fundamental way that mirrors add character to home decor is by reflecting light. Most home spaces could do with a few stylish mirrors to add brightness. Natural sunlight or artificial light will both be reflected by a mirror, making even the darkest of spaces seem airier and larger. You can hang a large mirror on the wall or place smaller decorative mirrors around a room or hallway to capture the light.

Placement Tips

The floor plan and space of your home will dictate which type of mirrors you should use and where you should place them. If you have an open floor plan, deliberately placed mirrors will help to keep the flow of the space while using reflection to make the space appear larger. A slightly angled mirror hung above a sofa or table can add a touch of class and style that draws in the eye and creates a focal point.

Enhance Color & Texture

Mirrors are also useful for adding color and texture to your decor. You could create a beautiful feature wall with a combination of both. Place mirrors of all shapes and sizes on the wall to reflect color and light and add contrast to the room. You can also use mirrors to accentuate existing textiles and artwork.

Multi-Purpose Reflective Surface

Modern designers are increasingly using mirrors as a functional tool. A mirrored wardrobe offers a sleek and contemporary look while reflecting light in a room. In the bathroom, a small mirror with LED lights can be clipped around the mirror to help you with close-up tasks such as applying makeup or shaving. You can also place three or more small mirrors in clusters to gain a stunning visual effect.

Multiple Design Styles & Options

No matter what your interior design style is, you can easily add a touch of glamor with well chosen mirrors. Rustic elements like a long vintage mirror with a distressed frame help to create a warm, sophisticated atmosphere. For contemporary style decor, you can use a monolithic mirror with a minimal border that provides a sleek, linear effect.


Mirrors are an essential tool for both functionality and beauty when creating inspiring home interiors. Choose from multiple designs and styles to bring personality and light to your home decor. From grand rooms with large feature walls to minimalist interiors, mirrors can be easily incorporated into interior design projects for dramatic, sophisticated results.

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