The Importance of a Home Emergency Plan

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Creating a Home Emergency Plan: Protect You and Your Family from Unforeseen Events

Every family needs to be prepared for emergency situations. Having an emergency plan can assist in mitigating the effects of emergency events and even prevent them where possible. Devising and executing a home emergency plan is not the most enjoyable of tasks, but it is one of the most important steps a family can take to protect their health and safety.

Why Is Having a Home Emergency Plan Important?

There are countless possible disaster situations you may vow to protect your family from, from natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, and hurricanes to more localized threats like fires, power outages, and break-ins. Creating a home emergency plan and practicing it beforehand gives your family the best chances of responding efficiently to the danger.

Additionally, some disasters, such as house fires and earthquakes, are fast-moving and can annihilate your home and property in moments, so it is important you have aspects of your plan that can be easily implemented to allow your family to exit the property in the quickest and safest way.

Steps to Creating a Home Emergency Plan

Creating a home emergency plan is no small feat and requires research, discussion, and practice:

  • Analyze the Vulnerabilities: Conduct a thorough review of your property to identify any potential threats. Consider hazards for your location, such as natural disasters or localized threats as previously mentioned.
  • Develop the Plan: Discuss the steps of the plan with your family and write them down. Establish who is responsible for what and assign specific tasks to family members. Decide on an appropriate meeting place for where you will meet after exiting the premises and how to reach that place.
  • Rehearse the Plan: It is recommended that your family rehearses the plan in a safe and secure environment, like your living room or in your backyard, to take any confusion out of the equation.
  • Review Regularly: As times change and circumstances change, so should your home emergency plan. Cycle through the plan regularly, account for any updated changes, and discuss them thoroughly with your family.

Assembling an Emergency Kit

In addition to having a home emergency plan written down and rehearsed regularly, it is a good idea to have an emergency kit prepared. This should contain essential items that may prove useful while in an emergency, such as food and water, communication equipment, medical and first-aid supplies, extra cash, and portable chargers.

It is usually recommended by official organizations like the American Red Cross to assemble an emergency kit for each family member and keep it in an easily accessible place at all times. This will ensure that everyone has their essentials on hand in the event of an emergency.


Having a home emergency plan and assembling an emergency kit is one of the most important steps a family can take to protect each other in an emergency situation. In addition to having the plan and the kit ready, practice and rehearse often with your family to make sure everyone is comfortable with the steps they need to take and the tasks they are responsible for. By taking the necessary precautions and devising a home emergency plan, you can protect your family and have the peace of mind knowing you are better prepared for any unforeseen events.

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