How to prevent the dog from chewing on wooden furniture?

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It may seem very difficult to prevent dogs from chewing on furniture in general. Many dogs chew and even break them very easily, and surely, if this is your case, you have tried everything to be able to control this situation and not miss any more furniture.

Despite this, you should know before getting the best way to make your dogs want to bite the furniture; that one of the main solutions is to train them from a young age so that they understand that things in the house can not be damaged or bitten. Beyond that, I understand that you’re here to find more functional solutions right now, and that’s what I’m going to suggest next.

The techniques I’m going to present to you in the following list are ordered by the level of difficulty of the problem you’re having with your four-legged friends.

Get your dog out and about as much as you can

There are times when what your dog needs is to release all the energy that is being pent up, so a little exercise could be a great help in improving these behavioral problems. A good way to exercise him is to take him for a run in a park, so he can burn off all the energy he needs to feel much calmer inside.

You must remember that the behavior of biting the furniture can be a response to the excess energy that accumulates there. En caso de no tener la posibilidad de llevar a tu amigo peludo a un parque, otra opción que puede funcionar para ti es armar un horario en el que puedas llevar a tu perro a correr algunas cuadras alrededor de tu urbanización o en las cercanías de tu maison.

The busier you keep your dog, the less opportunity and energy he has to chew the furniture . The biggest advantage of this technique is that you will also be doing your dog a great service and he will thank you for it; since exercise is one of the best preventions against the diseases that dogs can suffer in adulthood.

Give him toys to teethe with

Before you start looking for a solution, you need to identify the cause of the problem, and often the reasons why dogs usually bite the furniture are because they feel anxious, or because they are puppies who have a lot more energy and are just learning to behave inside the house. If this description sounds like your dog, it’s up to you to help him.

A great way to help your four-legged friend overcome anxiety and hyperactivity is to give him toys that he can bite as hard as he can and play smashing games with. Giving your dog a toy may not only solve your furniture chewing problem, but it may also greatly help the dog who just wanted to play with something.

If you opt for this solution, you need to make sure that the toys are really durable, so that they can have a longer durability and your dog can enjoy them for a longer time. Regarding the durability of these toys, you need to analyze the breed of the dog and the force that it can put on its jaw, to know which toy to choose.

dog bite furniture

Use synthetic pheromones to keep him from biting the wood

In case things are getting a little out of hand and you’ve already tried the techniques I’ve shown you before; it’s time to turn to synthetic pheromones. These substances can work to calm and soothe the dog’s anxiety, making him relax and not try to go to your furniture to unload all his energy on it.

There are multiple objects especially for dogs, which have the ability to release synthetic pheromones to calm dogs. Among these objects are special collars with the production of synthetic pheromones. In case you do not want to apply anything directly to your dogs, there are also different types of sprays on the market that can be placed in the environment or products that can be connected to the power and give off a particular aroma.

All of these have the ability to release synthetic pheromones that will keep dogs away from destroying furniture or making any other mess inside the house. These pheromones will also give you the possibility to educate them to be better educated and domesticated dogs.

Seek advice from a canine professional

The last option in this list is the one we suggest when there is nothing more to do about our dog’s behavior. A specialist will have the right answers and the best techniques to make sure the dog behaves in the best way, without eating the furniture or destroying anything inside the house.

Dog training specialists have the ability to behaviorally train an adult dog or a puppy. The professional understands how to get the dog to stop chewing the furniture and start obeying the owners.

When we talk about professional advice, we are not just talking about someone who visits the dog at home, but you can also seek professional advice, take your dog to a dog school where a legion of professionals can take care of your dog in a personalized way.

Often we don’t understand the needs of our dogs and we judge them wrongly. A tip for understanding a dog’s behavior is to be aware that a dog has different needs than a human being and that, no matter how domesticated it is, it will always be a soul that needs guidance.

Perhaps we need to claim them for every bad thing they do, for example chewing furniture, however, looking a little further, it is possible to realize that they, like us humans, also suffer from certain changes that suddenly affect their behavior. To accompany them in this normal process, the first thing is to understand them, to offer them our support and to look for a solution.

Another of the things that keeps our dogs in a state of alert and with the need to break everything that presents itself to them, is to spend a lot of time alone at home. This may be one of the reasons why dogs choose to do disasters of this magnitude like biting furniture, however, once again, humans have the solution in our hands.

To prevent dogs from getting stressed by spending a lot of time alone inside the house, a good alternative is to enjoy lots of time together while you’re at home. Even if you can’t believe it, and even if it sounds unbelievable, dogs value quality time with their owners and even try to reward them with behavior they know will please their owners.

The next time you think of your dog as an untrained pet and because of rebellion or bad behavior, they break your furniture by biting it until there is nothing left; try to understand that they are with you to try to understand how to behave to please their owners. It would help them a lot if you understood them a little.

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