How to cut a glass bottle?

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Want to know how to cut a wine bottle? Make glass vases and jars for your home decoration with the help of this tutorial to learn how to cut a glass bottle. Learn how to cut a wine bottle easily and quickly!

Why buy new vases for your home decor? This DIY project allows you to have nice glass jars without spending any money and doing a good thing by recycling all those glass bottles! This is a very nice way to recycle your wine bottles or other glass bottles.

First method to cut a glass bottle:

Cut a glass bottle – Material:

  • wine bottles or other glass bottles
  • a pair of gloves (for safety)
  • a string
  • methylated spirits
  • a lighter
  • a cup (to put the spirit in)
  • a basin filled with cold water
  • sandpaper

Cutting a wine bottle in half – Tutorial:

Step 1: The rope

cut glass bottle

Clean the glass bottle before you start and put on your safety gloves.

Cut a piece of your string and place it in the rubbing alcohol so that it is well soaked. Then wrap it around the glass bottle just where you want to make the cut. Feel free to pull the string tight.

Step 2:

cut the glass bottle in half

Set the string on fire, being careful not to burn yourself. When the string falls off by itself, immediately place the bottle in a basin filled with very cold water (you can even add ice cubes). This is when the bottle will break in half on its own.

Step Three:

diy cut bottle glass

In order to avoid any cuts on the broken glass, rub the edge with sandpaper. You can make several cuts on the same bottle, depending on your projects.

cut bottle in two

Now it’s your turn!

Go ahead and make circles, jars or other wonders! All the pieces of the bottle can be used as interior decoration. The top of the bottle is ideal for your candles or to make a nice hanging lamp. By making different circles of glass you can make very beautiful displays.

glass bottle light

wine bottle vases

Feel free to use your imagination to make beautiful projects. You can share your ideas with us in the comments, or on social networks. You can also create your own article directly on the MoiJeFais website.

See you soon and have a great craft!

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